Bill Fraser—Resumé

Internet Production:

Excellent HTML hand-coding experience, CSS/DHTML, JavaScript, HDML, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, BBEdit, Photoshop. Extensive experience with using CGI scripts to build template-based websites. Knowledge of C and Perl.


Extensive experience leading usability tests. Extensive experience working with client to improve interfaces though usability testing, acting as consultant and leading process from conceptualization through final report and implementation suggestions.


Familiar with Windows XP, Mac OSX, Unix. Extensive experience upgrading, diagnosing ,and repairing Macintosh computers.


Excellent people skills. Ability to lead and work in team setting. Able to work with diverse people to achieve common goals. Supervisory experience. Experience working with people from entrepreneurial, artistic, design, technical and corporate backgrounds.


Detail oriented, strong organizational and project management skills. Good analytical aptitude. Strong background in marketing and graphic production. Able to work on several jobs concurrently while meeting deadlines.
Work History
Webmaster - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
October 2001
to Present
Maintain and develop content. Improve logical structure and navigational flow of site. Provide quality assurance for content and functionality as it moves from test and development into production. Lead role in enhancing and improving Bank's public outreach efforts via its public web site. Lead role in usability testing and consulting for units throughout the Federal Reserve System.
Design & Implementation Associate/Web Developer - INVESTools, Inc.

May 1998
to October 2001

Lead role in the design and implementation of website for company that provides subscription-based financial newsletter content to 100,000+ users.

  • Responsible for implementing improvements to design and functionality of website as part of product review team.
  • Designed/implemented purchase order paths and home pages for newsletter content.
  • Designed and built third-party websites for clients such as CNBC, Phillips Publishing and American Association of Individual Investors.
  • Built simplified version of website for PDAs (accessed through Avantgo) and phones (using HDML).
  • Responsible for documentation of site and functionality of site.
  • Trained staff in proprietary templating system used to create and display editorial and marketing copy throughout site.
  • Provided client instruction and service for third-party client production staff.
  • Responsible for QA and debugging of site.

Computer Consultant - Self-employed

October 1997
to April 1998

Performed contract work in three major areas, web site design, computer diagnosis/repair, and training.

  • Wrote copy and designed site used by local home theatre retailer to advertise services and establish web presence using Symantec Visual page, Pagespinner and BBEdit to write HTML. Used Adobe Photoshop 4 to prepare graphics, including scanning images and preparing images for use on website.
  • Converted existing Quark and Pagemaker files to html for reuse on websites.
  • Isolated software and hardware problems on networked computers at local high school. Performed variety of repairs and updates including clearing extensions conflicts, repairing jammed floppy drives, adding RAM and adding printers to LAN. Trained instructors at local high school in diagnosing/repairing computer problems and using software, including Adobe Photoshop 3 & 4, Norton Utilities, Timbuktu and At Ease.

Production Manager - Creative Services Department, Wells Fargo Bank

May 1993
to October 1996

Responsible for execution of creative projects, working closely with designers and clients.

  • Designed and produced ads, posters, brochures and other sales promotion and advertising pieces, with an eye towards using new technologies allowing savings to both time and cost.
  • Designed and built web pages for Creative Services Department.
  • Trained department personnel in the use of new software and equipment.
  • Acted as resource for marketing departments throughout the bank in the use of new technologies, including software, equipment and the Internet.
  • Worked closely with vendors to establish relationships for integration of new technologies.

Production Manager - Performance Information Department, Wells Fargo Bank

April 1997
to October 1997

Responsible for communicating incentive plans and performance information to sales staff, working closely with IT, compensation and marketing departments.

  • Designed and produced intranet site providing information on sales promotions and marketing plans for bank wide operations, including converting sales plans, compensation plans and servicing guides to web format.
  • Designed and adapted existing web sites to match specifications for emerging formats and test projects.
  • Established procedures for updating web literature, including calendars and newsletters.
  • Supervised assembly and distribution of compensation reports to 13,000 person sales force.
  • Maintained mailing lists/contact lists for bank wide sales force, and manipulated database for various distributions ordered by bank departments, using MS Access and Excel.
  • Supervised print production and distribution of sales incentive compensation plans and product servicing guide to ten western states, achieving savings of 33% over previous edition.

Associate Financial Analyst - Advertising Department, Wells Fargo Bank

February 1990
to May 1993

Acted as point of contact between bank personnel and bank's advertising agency (McCann-Erickson SF).

  • Responsible for sales promotion and advertising billing and estimates from advertising agency.
  • Answered billing and estimate questions from clients, serving as resource for clients bank-wide.
  • Researched and resolved discrepancies in invoices and estimates for banks advertising and promotion expense lines.
  • Assisted in trademark research and registration.
  • Provided assistance and support for software and computer systems, including purchase, installation and use of hardware and software for both Mac and DOS platforms.

House Manager - Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center

August 1989
to Present

  • Act as liaison between venue and visiting event producers for 440 seat rental theatre.
  • Establish working relationship of providing support for producers for all aspects of audience interaction.
  • Ensure that producers and theatre staff are aware of potential problems and work to solve them.
  • Ensure that producers and theatre staff are aware of all production demands that impact audience, minimizing problems and conflicts.
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise as needed.
  • Provide assistance with ticketing problems and setting up event box office and seating systems as required.
  • Train and supervise ushers for events.

Stage Manager - Royal Viking Line

December 1987
to September 1988

  • Managed all technical aspects of production shows, music recitals and cabarets aboard luxury cruise ships.
  • Managed 500-seat lounge theatre, 200 seat movie theatre, and cabaret venues.
  • Designed lighting for guest artists and production shows.
  • Videotaped lectures and shows for rebroadcast on closed-circuit TV. Solved myriad supply, prop equipment problems to put up three shows daily while traveling worldwide.
  • Trained ships crew to operate theatre equipment.
  • Trained assistant stage managers. Maintained equipment.

Assistant Securities Trader - Sherwood Securities Corporation

May 1986
to December 1987

  • Expedited trades of NASDAQ securities using various information and reporting systems.
  • Responsible for keeping records of all securities transactions of San Francisco office of major market maker.
  • Resolved discrepancies and transmitted daily records to firm ps New York headquarters.
  • Responsible for maintenance of mainframe computer.


Bachelor of Arts, Drama and Business Administration (Dual Major)
Dominican College of San Rafael

Additional classes:
(UC Berkeley Extension)

  • Introduction to Programming Logic and Design
  • Computer Programming Using C
  • Unix Made Easy
  • Hypertext and Computer User Interface Design
Other Interests
  Classical music, theater, reading and travel.

References on Request

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