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Our grandparents

(the people behind the people behind us...)

The Goehrings
(Carmen's maternal grandparents)

The early years
The Goehrings were of good German stock. Violet and Wally spent their lives in Kansas and Missouri. This photo is from the late 1920s.
The golden years    

The Petersens
(Bill's maternal grandparents)

Emily and William Petersen
Emily Petersen was a sort of Spanish Corsican Puerto-Rican Hawaiian blend while Bill was Danish. They met in San Francisco and then moved to Vallejo.

Valentina Sosa
(Carmen's paternal grandmother)

Valentina Sosa
Valentina Sosa was Mexican, and lived in Mora and Alburquerque, NM most of her life.

The Frasers
(Bill's paternal grandparents

At their son's wedding
Ted Fraser's nickname was "Scotty"... that tells you from which auld-world country he and Christina came. They arrived in the Bay Area by way of Canada and Southern California.

The Lucero's
(Carmen's other grandparents)

Summer vacation
The Lucero's, at their home on the Isleta Pueblo near Alburquerque. Janet was Hopi, Ed was Isleta.

The Irizzaris
(Bill's other maternal grandparents)

Amelia and Frank Irrizzari
Amelia and Frank Irizzarri. He was Spanish or Basque or both. She's that Spanish Corsican Puerto-Rican Hawaiian blend mentioned earlier. The photo is in San Francisco, ca 1926.