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In the beginning...

During Carmen's last year of drama school (UCSD) she was auditioning for professional residencies in the Bay Area and needed a cheap or free place to stay for a few nights. A fellow student had a good friend named Bill living in San Francisco, who might be willing to help out. As long as she wasn't obligated to "get friendly" as "payment" for a couple of nights lodging Carmen thought it might be a workable arrangement. This mutual friend was ordered to make that very clear to Bill.

As it turned out, Carmen was quite smitten with Bill that weekend, and left flowers for him on her departure while he was at work. On arrival back in San Diego, their mutual friend picked up Carmen at the airport with a puzzled look on his face, holding flowers from Bill.

Carmen got the acting residency, and Bill proceeded to show her the sights of his fair city. He's been showing her the sights ever since.

And giving her flowers.


Luis Sosa and Doris Goehring

And then came children...


Three years old with an attitude and an english accent.
Nuthin' but teeth
Hangover, seasickness, it's hard to tell the difference when the ship is moving...
Bill and Doris, everyone's favorite Austrian.
Carmen in an early show
The world famous smile
Another openin', another show!
Carmen's art photo
Can't stay away from marshmallows
 The ferry princess
Carmen and the ocean, never far apart
The next Molly Ringwald

And then they met...


Frolicking on the Marin side of the bridge. Just being in love together.
Frolicking again, on Clement Street in San Francisco  Carmen and Bill in the Big Apple.